Monday, February 20, 2017


This screening will be rescheduled for next month due to the snow storm.

Tuesday March 14th
9pm  $5

Black Box Theater
95 Empire Street
Providence, RI

Ogroff AKA The Mad Mutilator is a 1983 no budget French gore classic! Influenced by the burgeoning stalk and slash genre this Super 8mm shot slasher pits the forest dwelling loony lumberjack Ogroff against anyone or anything that dare enter his woods. Long a staple of the underground tape trading scene now you can experience this sought after title within the 
safety of an audience, because if we leaned anything from screening 
Devil’s Story it’s that these films will drive you nuts!

Check out the trailer here!

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Thursday, January 5, 2017

The AFS gets back into the Ring with Santo and Blue Demon!

Tuesday January 24th  9 PM  $5.00
Black Box Theater

95 Empire Street, Providence

Santo and Blue Demon must team up 
to fight a gaggle of classic monsters and defeat 
Dr. Halder’s plan to conquer the world!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Arkham goes Mad as a Fox in November.

Tuesday, November 15th

9:00 pm $5.00

Black Box Theater
95 Empire St.,
Providence, RI

Come out and enjoy Mad Foxes, this 1981 Spanish production is 
possibly the most offensive over the top biker revenge film of all time.
 Nothing has prepared you for how over the top this unsung exploitation 
classic is so check it out within the safety of an audience for your sanity's sake!

Check out this NSFW trailer if you dare!

Friday, August 12, 2016

The Arkham Film Society brings you THUNDER!

September 21st

9:00 pm Start


Black Box Theater
95 Empire Street,
Providence, RI

Come check out Thunder AKA Thunder Warrior. This Italian produced Native American themed First Blood knock off from 1983 is a must see for all trash film aficionados! Plus it stars Mark Gregory of 1990: Bronx Warriors fame.

Check out all the action madness in this trailer!

Monday, August 8, 2016


Tuesday October 18th

8:30 pm $5.00

Black Box Theater
95 Empire Street,
Providence, RI

Come out and enjoy a selection of horror shorts with a mystery 16mm feature!

Since there is no Rock And Shock Film Festival for us to program this year we at the Arkham Film Society have been discussing the idea of a short film night for a while and have decided to go for it with A LONG NIGHT OF SHORT HORRORS! We are looking to put together a feature length selection of new / recent horror shorts from around the world and next door. If you are a film maker who would be interested in submitting your short for consideration feel free to message us as we want to present the best assortment of short films that we can and rest assured that we are not soliciting any submission fees for consideration. We look forward to seeing your shorts and even more so look forward to sharing them with our audience.

More info will be posted as the line up is confirmed.

Monday, August 1, 2016

The A.F.S. Summer Of 2016MM rolls on with Crack Shadow Boxer!

Tuesday August 9th

8:30 pm Doors / 9:00 pm Start

$5.00 Admission

Black Box Theater

95 Empire Street,

Providence, RI

Join us as we continue our Summer of 2016MM 
a lesser seen late seventies Kung Fu on 16mm!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The A.F.S. Presents Bud Spencer in FLATFOOT!

Wednesday July 20th  
8:30 Doors  9:00 Film  $6.00  16MM !

Black Box Theater 95 Empire St Providence

In honor of Bud Spencer’s recent passing we will celebrate the actor with 
a screening of FLATFOOT on 16MM. The first film in the ongoing series about 
his character Inspector “Flatfoot” Rizzo punches out crime in the city of  
Naples in this  1973 Italian Euro-Crime film which incorporated 
Spencer’s trademark action and laughs.

Check out the trailer!

Keep an eye out for more events for the Summer Of 2016MM !