Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Rock and Shock Film Festival schedule is here.

Hello All,
Here it is, the schedule for this years Rock and Shock Film Festival, also The Arkham Film Society now has our own Facebook page so head on over and "like" us.  Now on to the schedule;

(F) = Feature Film

Friday October 14
6:00 pm – Deep Seeded (F)
8:00 pm – The Collapsed (F)

Saturday October 15
12:00 pm – Short Film Selection
(The Last Broadcast - Something After Midnight - The Raven - Ingrid Pitt: Beyond the Forest - Psycho Bill Zombie Killer)
1:00 pm – Mourning Wood (F) with Just Us and Room For Rent
3:00 pm – Disco Exorcist (F)
5:00 pm – Chillerama (F) Presented By The Outside the Cinema Podcast
7:OO pm – I Am Nancy (F)
8:30 pm – Never Sleep Again (Selected Clips)
9:00 pm – Inkubus (F) World Premier, see Rock and Shock homepage for info on how to attend.

Sunday October 16
12:00 pm – Bikini Bloodbath Christmas (F) with Murder Kills
1:30 pm – The Uh-Oh Show
3:00 pm – A Beary Scary Movie in 2-D (F)

So there you have it, we hope to see you all at Rock and Shock this year.

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