Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Rock And Shock 2015 Film Festival film schedule.

So that time of year is here and we have finalized the lineup of films for this years Rock And Shock Film Festival! Here is a schedule of the films and continue reading below for a list of the short films which appear in the short film blocks.


6:00pm – Shorts Block 1
7:00pm – Upsidedown Cross w/ intro by Director William Hellfire and Star Erin Russ
8:30pm – Diary Of A Deadbeat w/ intro


12:00pm – Blood Works w/ Jack Bennett
01:00pm – New England Film Maker Shorts Block
02:30pm – Promo for Metal and Horror Documentary
02:45pm – Fury: The Tales Of Ronan Pierce
04:45pm – Love Letters promo
05:00pm – Manson Family Vacation + short On A Country Road
07:00pm – Pieces Of Talent + short Recipe
09:00pm – Old 37 w/ intro by writer Paul Travers and star Bill Moseley


12:00pm – Chainsaw Maidens From Hell
01:30pm – Shorts Block 2
03:00pm – Gilgamesh
04:30pm – Bite School

Rock And Shock 2015 Short Film Blocks

New England Film Maker Block*
Daddy Dearest
They’re Closing In
Scary Little Fuckers

Shorts Block 1*
The Barista
Witches Brew
The Dump
Tuck Me In

Shorts Block 2*
Tell Tail
Holliday Spirit
Suffer The Little Children

*Titles in each block may not play in the order listed.

For more information on Rock And Shock, New Englands largest gathering of horror movie and extreme music fans, then please check out their website. 

Rock and Shock will be held October 16th through 18th at The DCU Center, Worcester, MA.

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