Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The A.F.S. return to the GHOSTHOUSE!

Tuesday, Nov 17th,
9:00pm showtime

Empire Black Box
95 Empire Street
Providence, RI

About three years ago we screened Umberto Lenzi’s fantastically ludicrous 1988 movie GHOSTHOUSE! Many people have commented to us either about having fun at the screening or expressed their disappointment over missing it so let’s run it again. Plus Scott drew that great flyer art for us last time and I wanted a chance to use it again.

GHOSTHOUSE is a 1988 Italian haunted house film that literally throws every cliché and trope of the haunted house genre at you in the most ridiculous of ways! You get a creepy girl, a creepy doll, a ghost dog, hauntings via technology, an Easter decoration-wielding poltergeist, and even an appearance by Death. Really there isn’t anything more you can ask of a ghost movie than this so tune in your HAM radio, get in your camper, and take time to get a book that explains hauntings out of the library and read it while your girlfriend is in the shower because you need to see our encore screening of GHOSTHOUSE!

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