Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rock and Shock 2012 Call for entries.

It’s that time of year again and we’re excited to announce the call for entries to the 6th Rock and Shock Film Festival being held October 12 – 14 in Worcester Ma. at this years Rock and Shock convention. We are looking for your newest horror shorts and features to be screened in our festival during New England’s largest gathering of horror and extreme music fans. So go to www.rockandshock.com for the film entry form and submission information and get those films in so Josh and Ric of the Arkham Film Society can personally screen all entries and determine the most horrifying films to show at this years festival. The submission deadline is September 12, 2012 but there’s no reason to wait, get your films in now.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Third meeting of The Arkham Film Society is VHS themed.

Tuesday July 24th
7:30 doors 8:00 pm movie
95 Empire Black Box
at 95 Empire Street,
Providence, RI

This months meeting of the Arkham Film Society is our tribute to VHS. We will be screening the 1987 shot-on-video not-so-classic VIDEO VIOLENCE, not only that but we will be screening the movie from an original ex-rental VHS tape. All of this and there will be tables of VHS tapes for sale from area collectors for you to start or complete your collection.

VIDEO VIOLENCE is about a couple who move to a small town and open a video store only to be confused by the towns people exclusive interest in horror with some porn mixed in. One day an unmarked tape of what appears to be an actual murder is accidentally returned to the store and the little towns secret begins to be exposed.

We at the Arkham Film Society hope to use these monthly meetings to expose our audience to a mix of obscure forgotten films along with some new independent features. Please let us know what you thing of our programming by leaving suggestions and comments at our Facebook group, www.facebook.com/groups/arkhamscreenings.

This event is brought to you with the help of Malachi’s CafĂ© www.facebook.com/malachisri, and Camp Motion Pictures www.alternativecinema.com.  We would like to thank them for their assistance.