Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The A.F.S. present ... ROBOWAR!

Tuesday February 23rd
8:30 pm Doors 9:00 pm movie
Black Box Theater Upstairs
95 Empire Street
Providence, RI

Come out and join us for Bruno Mattei’s 
Italo Trash masterpiece melding 
of Predator and Robocop starring 
the incomparable Reb Brown!

Friday, January 1, 2016

The A.F.S. presents some 16MM Brucesploitation DYNAMO!

Monday January 11th

8:30pm doors 9:00pm film

$5.00 Admission

Join us to kick off the new year in style with some Cinemascope 

16mm Bruceploitation! Come check out the adventures of 

Bruce Li as he attempts to fill Bruce Lee’s shoes! 

Please note though that while we have a beautiful scope 16mm 

print we only have one scope lens so there will be a 

short intermission while I change reels during this film.