Saturday, October 20, 2012

Arkham Italian Zombie Double Feature!

The Arkham Film Society and Malachi’s Café Present an Italian Zombie double feature on 35mm! That’s right two whole films on 35mm and a bunch of crazy trailers for only $10.00.

Nightmare City (Dir. Umberto Lenzi – 1980) One of the craziest films of the genre has radiated not quite zombies running and hacking away at their victims while Hugo Stiglitz searches for a way to stop them.

Followed by

Burial Ground: Nights Of Terror (Dir. Andrea Bianchi – 1981) Possibly Italian genre films biggest trash fest features super rotten mouldering zombies on the attack while an even scarier man-boy will be what really creeps you out.

So come on out for our super Italian zombie gross out!

We would like to thank our sponsors Malachi’s Café (, The Looney Pin (, and Spectacular Optical ( for their help in providing the print of Burial Ground.

Saturday November 10th
7:00pm $10.00

The Granoff Center For The Arts
154 Angell Street,
Providence, RI

Monday, October 1, 2012

Rock and Shock Film schedule 2012!!

The Rock and Shock film festival 2012 schedule is here. For more info on Rock and Shock check out

Rock and Shock 2012 film schedule.

(F) = Feature film
(S) = Short film

Friday October 12th
HOMETOWN (F) preceded by
Birthday Boys (S)
The Brutalizer (S)
The Fumigator (S)
The Lust Murders (S)

Holliston (multiple episodes)

Saturday October 13th
11:30 am
Spanish shorts package featuring
Return To The Dream: A Cruel Tale (S)
Photo (S)
No (S)
Professor Brofman (S)
Unfarewell (S)

Villanelle (F) preceded by
Monster Hunter (S)

Human Ant Farm (F) preceded by
Diecons (S)

Exhumed (F)

Mimesis (F) preceded by
Blue Hole (S)

Infected (F)

Sunday October 14th
Blood Was Everywhere (F)

Unpretty (S)

Come And Get Me (F)

Play Dead (F)

Also keep an eye out for some exciting screening announcements coming soon.